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Volunteers Step Forward in Three More Hampshire and Franklin County Towns!

Over the weekend, we added three more volunteer coordinators who have agreed to help bring resolutions to change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal to Annual Town Meeting in their towns:

We have added town coordinators in Sunderland, Cummington, and now Colrain – the home town of Pequot author William Apess, who wrote Eulogy on King Philip among many other groundbreaking early 19th century works of Native literature. They will join the growing map of cities and towns that will consider changing the Massachusetts flag and seal in Spring of 2019.

To all the friends who have volunteered to help pass Change the Flag and Seal resolutions, a big Thank You!

We’d love to build the network of support for Native civil rights and sovereignty from Great Barrington to Provincetown. But we need your help. Please share news of the campaign to change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal, and our new website, with friends across the state. Ask them to help pass a supporting resolution in their city or town, by getting in touch here.

New England town meeting is one of the last pure forms of democracy left. Town meeting and city council agendas are available to each and every resident of the Commonwealth.

Let’s use our power to bring about a change in the official state symbols of white supremacy and work together to build a more harmonious relationship with Native Nations, and all the people of the Commonwealth.

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