Three New Cities and Towns Added to the Campaign

Organizers have stepped forward in three more cities and towns to bring supporting resolutions to their city councils and annual town meetings this spring:

Cambridge, Methuen, and Lincoln

have now been added to the town meeting campaign map!!         

What about your city or town? Don’t get left out of this epochal movement for racial justice in Massachusetts. Your town meeting or city council needs to have the opportunity to vote to Change the white supremacist State Flag and Seal of  Massachusetts – and you can help!

If you gather the signatures of 10 registered voters in your town before the annual town meeting warrant closes – your town will have a strong voice to make positive change in resetting relations with the Native Nations of Massachusetts.

No more broadsword over the head of a Native American for our official state symbol. Our third graders should no longer be forced to study this image in social studies classes across the Commonwealth! Help us make the change.

Methuen City Council will hear more testimony from the public regarding HD.2968 / SD.1495 – Change the Mass Flag on Monday, February 4th. Supporters are invited to gather in the City Council meeting room on the third floor at 6:45 p.m.


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