Powerful Speech by Joaquin Inchaustegui to the Methuen City Council – Feb. 4th, 2019

Wait! Before you listen to Joaquin Inchaustegui’s powerful speech urging the Methuen City Council to support changing the Massachusetts Flag and Seal, we want to tell you a story about how this young, committed change-maker from Cambridge was able to deliver his important statement in the first place.

Joaquin attended the meeting in Cambridge where Elizabeth Morrison, Hartman Deetz, and others talked about the need to change the Massachusetts’ state flag and seal.

On January 22nd, Joaquin borrowed his mother’s car and made his way to the Methuen City Council meeting, where local resident Spencer O’Dowd was planning to speak up during the “public presentation” section of the agenda, which allows a few minutes of public testimony for any resident, on any topic of concern. Most cities and towns in Massachusetts allow for residents to use this unrestricted time at the beginning of their regular meeting agendas to bring an issue of importance – like changing the Massachusetts flag and seal – to the attention of the council or selectboard in their city and town.

Thank you, Joaquin, for caring enough about challenging the symbols of white supremacy that continue to oppress all the people of the Commonwealth. Thank you for borrowing your mother’s car and driving all the way to a city you had never stepped foot in before on January 22nd.

That night, Joaquin arrived ten minutes late. Spencer was just finishing his speech. He did not have time to greet Joaquin at the door or tell him how to sign up for the public testimony section of the agenda. Time ran out. The council moved on to other agenda items. Joaquin did not get a chance to deliver his powerful statement that night, but he left determined to return.

Two weeks later, Joaquin returned to Methuen. Hurrying to the City Council meeting, he got into an accident with his mother’s car as he drove in haste to the strange city. He ran into another woman’s car, and damaged her side door. Joaquin’s mother’s car suffered a broken side-view mirror and damage to the passenger side door.

The woman who was driving the other car was kind enough to simply exchange information with Joaquin and drive on, without calling the cops, allowing Joaquin to get to the City Council hearing on time. She had insurance. Joaquin does not.

Undaunted, Joaquin arrived at the hearing on time to deliver his powerful statement to the Methuen City Council, on February 4th. Now, listen to what Joaquin Inchaustegui told the Methuen City Council about the Massachusetts flag and seal.

Today, Joaquin needs your help to pay for the damages to his mother’s car.

He has sent us copies of the body shop estimate: $2,707. We have already raised $110 for the needed repairs.

[12:49 a.m. / 2-18-19:

This just in!

Joaquin writes to tell us:

he has already raised $15 more dollars!

Only :


to go!!]

Joaquin’s mother, Sonia Andujar, promises the following:

“When we reach the fundraising goal of $2707, I will let you know.  Thank You!”

Sonia Andujar

Please Click HERE to make a donation. Any amount is welcome. Do you want to support powerful change makers like Joaquin Inchaustegui to help remake the world so that all people can be truly free? Here’s your chance! Donate now….

-David Detmold, Montague (coordinator, changethemassflag.com)

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