Provincetown Votes to Change the Mass State Flag and Seal

On Tuesday, April 2nd, town meeting voters in Provincetown unanimously approved a resolution introduced by Rev. Brenda Haywood and Racial Justice Provincetown in support of legislation (H-2776 / S.1877) to change the Massachusetts State Flag and Seal.
Provincetown now joins the cities and towns of Amherst, Gill, Lincoln, New Salem, Northampton, Orange, and Wendell in sending a loud and clear message to our state legislature:
The time has finally come to invite Native leaders of the Commonwealth to sit with state legislators at the decision-making table, to design a new state flag and seal that respects Native People and reflects harmony between all the People who share the Commonwealth today.
Our official state image of white supremacy and violence against Native People is on the way to the dustbin of history.
Eight towns and cities have voted so far; all eight have approved resolutions to change the flag and seal.
For information on how you can help bring a resolution of support for H-2776 / S.1877 to your town meeting or city council, call: 413-863-9296 or email:
Call your state legislators and urge them to vote for and work for the swift passage of this long-stalled racial justice legislation.
It is time – well past time – to Change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal.
Thank you for helping to make the change.
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