Sunderland Votes to Change the Flag and Seal!

The riverside town of Sunderland, where white privilege runs deep and the names of Colonial settlers who died fighting Indians are emblazoned on street signs, voted to change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal on Friday night, April 26th. There have now been 10 votes in 10 Massachusetts cities and towns – and the motion to change the flag and seal has carried in every one of them!

Thanks to Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution’s Susan Triolo – who introduced the warrant article last night in Sunderland with a brilliant speech about the importance of changing our official state symbols to reflect the true values of harmony and peace in the Commonwealth, and then offered a powerful pacifist rebuttal to the argument of a local patriot who rose to defend the continuing use of the Latin Motto on the State Seal (“By the Sword we seek Peace, but Peace only under Liberty”) the town of Sunderland voted 46 (or 47) to 17 to support H.2776 / S.1877 and change the flag and seal.

Racial Justice Rising’s Scott Reed was the man who stopped passersby and dog walkers in this bedroom community in order to gather the required signatures to get the article on the town meeting warrant. He also organized community support, and rebutted the selectman who tried to convince town meeting members last night that it would cost too much to change all the state flags, “Welcome to Sunderland” highway signs, official stationery and state patrol car decals in Massachusetts if the legislation passed.
Scott and Susan and the others who spoke up in support last night did a fantastic job. Sunderland’s vote will be heard, throughout Franklin County and on Beacon Hill in the weeks to come.
More than three dozen cities and towns will soon be voting on whether to change the Massachusetts flag and seal. Would your community like to join them? Get in touch for information about how to place a support resolution for H.2776 / S.1877 in front of your town meeting or city council. Call 413-863-9296 or email:
Together, we will change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal!
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