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Action Needed Now to Change the Mass Flag and Seal!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Racial Justice:

Senator Jo Comerford has arranged a meeting between Native Activists from the area now known as Massachusetts and the state Senate President, Karen Spilka, to discuss the pressing need to advance long stalled racial justice legislation in the Commonwealth: to change the white supremacist state flag and seal and ban the use of Native American mascots for public school sports teams in Massachusetts.

That meeting will take place this coming Monday, June 15th!

Please take a moment from your day today, or Friday to call or email the Senate President’s office: at 617-722-1500 or at

Urge her to do all she can to move the legislation forward to change the Mass flag and seal: S.1877 / H.2776 and ban the use of Native Mascots (S.247 / H.443) for public school sports te.ams in Massachusetts now!!

Racial justice delayed – for 36 years in the case of the legislation to change the flag and seal – is racial justice denied! Sen. Karen Spilka has the power to move this long stalled legislation forward. Please call her now! 617-722-1500.

The bill to change the Massachusetts flag and seal has finally been moved forward to the Joint Committee on Rules. More info will be forthcoming after Monday’s meeting, but if you have more time, please contact the chairs of the Rules Committee as well: Senator Joan Lovely; Senator Joseph Boncore; Rep William Galvin; Rep. Daniel Hunt. The other members of that committee are: Senators Adam Hinds, William Brownsberger, Cindy Friedman, Ryan Fattman, and Bruce Tarr; and Representatives Louis Kafka, Joseph Wagner, Ronald Mariano, Paul Donato, Patricia Haddad, Alice Peisch, Michael Moran, Sarah Peake, Ann-Margaret Ferrante, Kimberly Ferguson, David Vieira, and Donald Wong. If you have time to contact them, please find their contact info at the Massachusetts Legislature website. Thank you!

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