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Here’s what you can do to help change the Massachusetts state flag and seal:

1. Call or write your state legislators and ask them to co-sponsor legislation to Change the
Massachusetts State Flag and Seal. To find the contact information for your legislators go to: FIND YOUR MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATORS BY ZIPCODE

2. Spread the word. You can help by forwarding the downloadable leaflet on Changing the Mass
State Flag and Seal here to your networks and friends across Massachusetts. Print out copies of the leaflet for distribution at public events, bookstores, food coops, laundromats, and other locations in your community that have space for free literature.

3. Offer to sponsor a speaker in your community, and sign up here to volunteer to bring a supporting resolution to change the Mass State Flag and Seal to your town meeting or city council. We’d love to have supporting resolutions on as many annual town meeting warrants and city council agendas across Massachusetts as possible in the Spring of 2019! And you can help!

4. Sign up here to get regular updates from the Change the Mass Flag and Seal Campaign.

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