We Have Just Two Weeks to Move S.1877 / H.2776 Forward

The State Administration Committee has just two weeks to vote the legislation to change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal forward. Please, take a moment to email the members of the State Administration Committee today, urging them to vote favorably on S.1877 / H.2776 – to establish a special commission to review the state flag and seal. If the committee does not vote the bill out favorably by February 5th, it will fail in committee for this session. This is a hurdle we must succeed in crossing. Everyone’s help is needed!

Testimony in November before the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight

In honor of Martin Luther King Day – tell the legislators on the State Administration Committee it is time to change the white supremacist flag and seal of Massachusetts. The era of white hands holding swords over Native Americans is long gone. The Latin motto on our flag and seal: “Peace Under the Sword…” is a contradiction in terms. Massachusetts needs to take a stand against racism and the violent legacy of colonialism. A new state flag and seal that reflects peace and understanding between the races that now live here together is a good place to start. Let’s teach our school children lessons in harmony, not violence, between all peoples, and create new official state symbols to reflect that goal. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., call or write the legislators on the State Administration Committee – and tell them the time has come at long last – on the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrim landing – to change the flag and seal of Massachusetts!

Email the Committee

Call the co-chairs of the State Administration Committee:

Rep. Danielle Gregoire: 617) 722-2140 Sen. Marc Pacheco: (617) 722-1551

Please share this message through your networks. To take action on other bills related to justice for the Native Nations of the Commonwealth – please go to: maindigenousadenda.org

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