Banishing the Sword of Native Oppression

Listen to Justin Beatty – Ojibwe / Saponi : Drum Keeper of Urban Thunder: The Mass Flag is a Symbol of Violence

Opinion: Our commonwealth’s racist symbols

State Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis represents the 7th Middlesex District, which includes Ashland and Framingham.
State Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis represents the 7th Middlesex District, which includes Ashland and Framingham.

“Why are you wearing a pin of a Native American with a sword over his head?”

I froze when I was asked this question from an indigenous elected official from South America at an international conference last year. When you are a new state representative you are given a “State House” pin of the official state seal and wearing it is part of our unofficial uniform. Her question forced me to reflect on what our state seal not only means in a historical context, but what it must convey to others seeing it for the first time…. read full article in the Metro West Daily News.

Massachusetts has kept a sword hanging over the heads of Native Americans for hundreds of years.

That’s a terrible symbol for our state.

With the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing approaching in 2020, it’s time to change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal.




Ud puede ayudar a cambiar El Escudo y Bandera en el Estado de

Una imagen de Supremacia Blanca desde el Año 1629.
Con el Aniversario de los 400 Años que desembarco la nave Mayflower, se esta aproximando
en el 2020, es tiempo de presenter una bandera estatal que refleja armonía entre todos los
habitantes que viven en el Commonwealth.
Por los ultimos 35 Años , una ley para cambiar el Escudo y Bandera del Estado de Massachusetts
ha estado estancado en la Legislatura Estatal, esta ley que esta siendo apoyada por la Comisión
de Relaciones Indigenas en el Estado de Massachussets, pondra en sitio una Comisión donde Los
Lideres Nativos de Massachusetts seran invitados para tener una junta con los Legisladores para
diseñar un nuevo y nueva escudo y bandera estatal. Necesitamos tu ayuda para finalmente aprobar
esta ley.

Para obtener más información en español sobre la campaña para cambiar la bandera y el sello de Massachusetts, llame a Chris Sawyer Laucanno al 413-863-3027

Six Native American leaders will be among 20 members of new special commission empowered with determining how Native images or Native symbols are used on the Massachusetts State Flag and Seal under a bill being filed Friday by state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa (D-Northampton).

Companion legislation is being filed by state Senators. Jason Lewis (D-Fifth Middlesex) and Jo Comeford (D-Hampshire-Franklin-Worcester)

The new version of the bill strengthens earlier language by adding more Massachusetts tribal people to the commission and by clearly stating the current symbol of the Commonwealth – a Native American man with a Colonial broadsword over his head – will change!


“Change the Mass Flag”

41 Cities and Towns have now Voted to Change the Mass Flag and Seal!

More than 10% of the cities and towns in Massachusetts are now on record in favor of changing the state flag and seal. 

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