Special Commission on MA Flag and Seal Meets Again!

Watch the Livestream at MaLegislature.gov – under the Hearings Page

Tuesday, March 15th, at 11 a.m.

The special commission to recommend changes to the racist Massachusetts Flag and Seal will meet again this coming Tuesday, at 11 a.m. All who are interested, please watch the livestream. The more public awareness on this historic process to change the last state flag of white supremacy still flying in the land – the better!

Take Action today to move the Mass Indigenous Legislative Agenda bills in the current legislative session forward! Go to the MaIndigenousAgenda.org website’s Take Action page – they make it easy to contact the legislators who must approve these bills now.

These are the Indigenous backed bills still active in the current legislative session:

(S.2493) Retire Native Mascots   

(S.2027 – H.3191) Indigenous Peoples Day Now!

(S.2239 – H.3377) Protect Native Heritage.

Contact your legislators and tell them to support these bills!

And tell them, “It is time to Change the Massachusetts Flag and Seal.

Scroll down the changethemassflag.com website’s homepage to find out how to help get your city and town to join with the 42 Massachusetts cities and towns that have already voted in favor of changing the Mass Flag and Seal.

Please share this website with your friends.

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